Welcome to our St Mary’s wellbeing page!

Now more than ever the wellbeing of our children and families ​is paramount. There has been much change over the past couple of years and we understand that some families and/or individuals will have found this period hard.  

This is why we decided to introduce a wellbeing page to our website. We will aim to offer additional support and advice to our families and please remember you can always contact us via telephone or email with any concerns you may have, at any time.

Helping adult and child relationships following, a challenging time or event.

‘Helping children with…’ series of webinars for parents

Further information on Mental Health Support and Education:






Adult Kingston Education

The local borough run many courses and workshops for adults. You can find the latest ones here.

Wellbeing Newsletters

We now include our safeguarding and wellbeing updates within our Headteacher Newsletters. You can find them here.