Art & Design

Our Intent for Art and Design

St Mary’s Art and Design curriculum gives children opportunities to appreciate the art and design around them, as well as opportunities to exercise their observations, creativity and imagination.

  • Children explore and experiment with their increasing understanding of colour, form, line, space, texture and pattern.
  • During their time at the school, they use a range of materials, processes and media to communicate what they observe, feel, think and believe.
  • They are taught drawing, painting, printing, craft and sculpture.
  • Children appreciate and take inspiration from artists, craft makers and designers.
  • Core texts and cross curricular themes are often used to stimulate ideas and to provide meaningful contexts.
  • Children are encouraged to grow the language used to describe the art and design they observe and create.
  • They explore different influences including historical, religious and cultural.
  • During their time at St Mary’s, children learn to appreciate the work of artists both on-line and in the environment around them, including St Mary’s Church.
  • Children are taught to be aware of how the materials and processes they choose impact on the environment.
  • Children learn that art can be a therapeutic experience and can have a positive impact on their mental and spiritual wellbeing.

You can find our skills and knowledge progression for our Art and Design curriculum here: 

Our Creative Hub Room – A place to let our imagination grow