Otter – Year 4

Year 4 – Otter class

Welcome to our Year 4 class page. This year it will be led by Miss Suzor, with the support of Mrs Edmund, the class teaching assistant. We aim to provide all of our children with a happy, safe and inspiring environment , where they learn to persevere with new challenges, take risks and develop a life long love of learning.

Year 4 is a wonderful year in a child’s developmental process as they are settled into Key Stage 2 but still eager to learn and ‘be better’ as they are inspired by some of the older children around them. We encourage our year 4’s to immerse themselves into the school culture and curriculum as they are confident and comfortable with it by this stage.

We look forward to working together and if you have any queries please contact us at:

Online Learning Resource

Below are some links to the online learning resources we will be using throughout Year 4. These will help to support and consolidate your child’s learning.





Information for parents

Book look:

  • Autumn – 18th October 2023
  • Spring – 7th February 2024
  • Summer – 22nd May 2024

Parents evening:

  • 21st and 23rd November 2023
  • 12th and 14th March 2024

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