Cricket Tournament at Ditton Fields

On the 23rd May the year six team took part in a cricket tournament against other local schools at Ditton Fields.

On the 23rd May 2017, year 6 boys, named Rian, John, Ryan, Max, Sonny, Ted, James, Browndon and Alex went to a cricket tournament.   It was a long journey, but eventually we got there.   When we got there we found out who was in our group.  The schools that were in our group were:  St Joseph’s, St Luke’s, Lovelace and Kings Oak.   Our first game was against St Joseph’s.   It was a very bad start for us because we didn’t do particularly well in bat.  We did very well in fielding keeping it a tight game considering we didn’t do very well in bat.  They ended up winning by 7 runs.   We were very annoyed because we didn’t perform to our full potential.

Our next game was against Lovelace and we had to beat them because Callum (who had previously been one of our coaches) was their coach.   They started in bat and we fielded exceptionally well.  Then it was our turn in bat.  We batted much better than we did in our first game because we came in bat with confidence.   Everyone that batted for us in that game hit at least a four or a six.   We ended up winning and went into the next game positively.

Our next game was Kings Oak.  They batted first and we fielded very well making them lose negative runs.   They got 170 runs and games start with each team on 200.  We then batted and ended up with 308 runs.   They weren’t the best in our group but they certainly had the best sportsmanship.  They also said we had the best sportsmanship.

Our final game was against St Luke’s.  They started in bat and starting hitting sixes but in the end we ended up beating them.  We were super happy and shook their hands.

It was a great day out and we would like to than Russ for giving us this opportunity.  We done Saints!