The Families & Friends Committee (PTA) for 2021 - 2022

Chair: Fi Martin

  • Treasurer: Matt King

The St. Mary's PTA, Families and Friends, work hard to support the school and as a result of our events throughout the year, we raise significant amounts of additional funding. Money helps to provide a wide range of opportunities for all of the pupils and the Christmas and Summer Fairs are our most popular events! With continued support from parents and teachers we have been able to provide the school with many items on their 'wish list'.

Over recent years, fundraising by the Families and Friends has provided £6,000 which has been used for new staging for productions and performances, new school murals that have brightened up the hall and library area and an annual school pantomime which we know all the children really enjoy watching. Other items which we have funded have included over £1500 of additional class funds, playground equipment, books for the Library, dictionaries, and the Year 6 leavers hoodies.

The school provide the F&F with a suggested 'wish list' that all the children will benefit from. With our donations, the school have modernised and improved the Library area and their volume of books in order to encourage reading.  Last year we also funded improvements to the outdoor learning environment for the Early Years by purchasing a range of natural resources which will help the children develop their gross and fine motor skills. A new wildlife project took place which transformed the wildlife and pond area. A range of new percussion instruments were also purchased.

We have funded Matheletics, an online Maths resource, for the school and purchased additional reading books for Key Stage 2 interventions and we have provided vegetable beds for each key stage. 

We hope to have given you an insight into why it is so important that all of our parents and extended family continue to support our PTA. Everyone is welcome to get involved! See below for our upcoming events. If you wish to help out in any way with the events please let your class rep know, alternatively you can email Thanks again for your continued support.